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Bad News Folks

To my dear followers and fans,

Due to my health I have stopped playing FF14 and am having to focus more on my personal life. That being said, it is impossible for me to continue creating graphics for a game I don’t play since I do not know the latest news/updates/etc. or what would be helpful.

I thank you all for your support thus far and it’s been a fun journey. Please feel free to use what I have created to this point of course and like/share them to your heart’s content.

I am glad to helped at least one person, let alone hundreds of gamers like me that just need a little extra advice sometimes. ^_^ I hope to end this hiatus at some point and return to the game I love.


Daizy Faterunner

rockytheboywonder: Hello! I just wanted to let you know I find your graphics insanely helpful! I have just about all of them printed out and in plastic in a binder on my desk. Thanks for helping out the players.

Aww thank you so much! It makes me feel so good that I am genuinely helping people out there! :D

Back to the Grindstone….

Dear Fans/Followers,

Hope you guys had a great and happy holiday this past month! I am working on getting the BiS infographics formatted better to include the forbidden melds, their percentage chance to meld, what to actually fit in those slots in what order, etc. It’s taking quite a bit more time to get it right than I had anticipated because I’d like it to be very easy to use and helpful.

On a second note, congrats again to aroundeorzea for winning the first 100 followers contest last month. I’m working on your requested piece and should have it for you soon!! :3

The holidays got a bit crazy for me so sorry for no updates during that time, but now that it’s a new year, I can go back to creating helpful things for my fellow Eorzeans.


Daizy Faterunner

Minion Guide Now Available for Download as a Working Checklist!

The Complete Minion Field Guide has been updated to the most recent information. Also, I am excited to announce there is now a downloadable PDF version of it you can access by clicking the link below! 


The PDF Checklist version has been created so that you can save a copy to your device or computer, and check off minions as you collect them. You can save the document to record your changes so you can have an ongoing list of minions you’ve gathered no matter where you are! The names/pictures of all the minions are also clickable and will take you to the associated webpage for that minion on or Enjoy!!!

Today’s Updates

Happy Holidays Fans/Followers!

Today’s updates are going to mainly be to the ever-popular Minion Guide. After doing some digging and getting some notes from people, I believe I can finish the guide out and delete the “uknown” entries. Yay!!

The BiS guides are still in the works, they are taking longer to set up than I thought they would, there’s a LOT of information there!! @_@ It’s mainly the materia part, since each piece of gear can have up to FIVE SLOTS  for materia, and my current layout only accounts for two….so yeah, I have some re-arranging to do before I can really start on those.

On another note, as of this post, I have 91 followers! Huzzah! So close to 100 and the art drawing! Keep it up guys you’re awesomesauce!

I’ll be doing a mini guide for the Holiday Event going on right now in Eorzea as I’m sure you’re all wanting to know where you can find the FATES and get the awesome new stuff. :3


Daizy Faterunner